HPP Asianajotoimisto


HPP Asian­ajo­toi­mis­to Oy on lii­ke­ju­ri­diik­kaan eri­kois­tu­nut asian­ajo­toi­mis­to. Asiak­kai­tam­me ovat alo­jen­sa joh­ta­vat suo­ma­lai­set ja kan­sain­vä­li­set yri­tyk­set ja eri­kois­tu­mi­sa­luei­siim­me kuu­lu­vat yri­tys- ja ra­hoi­tus­jär­jes­te­lyt, ve­rot, rii­dan­rat­kai­su, tek­no­lo­gia ja im­ma­te­ri­aa­lioikeu­det, maksukyvyttömyysmenettelyt, EU- ja kil­pai­luoi­keus, työoikeus, ym­pä­ris­tö ja kiin­teis­töt sekä lo­gis­tiik­ka. HPP on erikoistunut olennaiseen. Panostamme asiakkaidemme liiketoiminnan kasvattamiseen tarjoamalla korkean lisäarvon juridisia ratkaisuja. Tämä edellyttää asiakkaidemme liiketoiminnan syvällistä ymmärtämistä sekä sitä, että asiakkaillamme on aina käytössään juuri oikea määrä oikeanlaista juridista projektiosaamista.

Asiakkaiden palaute osaamisesta ja palveluidemme tasosta kansainvälisissä katalogeissa:

Energia ja luonnonvarat

”They have a very good commercial sense supported by extensive experience in practical business situations and negotiations.”– Chambers Europe 2023
“HPP demonstrates proactivity, reactiveness and clarity in their recommendations”
– Chambers Europe 2023
“They are able to draw upon the entire law firm’s expertise to solve complex issues.”
– Chambers Europe 2022
“HPP Attorneys has very good experience and competence in the energy sector”
– Chambers Europe 2022
“They have experts in different areas and their approach is excellent,” 
– Chambers Europe 2022
“Very in-depth knowledge about the field, understanding of business needs, efficiency and flexibility.” 
– Chambers Europe 2020

Kilpailu ja EU-oikeus

”I was very pleased with the advice, which considered our issue from more viewpoints than I could have wished for and from both an EU and national competition regulatory perspective.”
– Chambers Europe 2023
”HPP is our trusted point of contact when it comes to cases in which Finland as a jurisdiction is involved. We fully rely on their extensive knowledge and experience in competition law.”
– Legal 500 2022
”The team has very strong competences and individuals have complementary strengths making the team stronger than the sum of individuals. Impressive networks in Finland and internationally.”
– Legal 500 2022
“Very efficient team with personal service and extremely professional competence.” 
– Legal 500 2020
“I am absolutely satisfied with them and I don’t think anyone could do any better.”
 – Chambers Europe 2020

Kiinteistöt ja rakentaminen

“They have super quick response times and a high service level.”– Chambers Europe 2023
“HPP has a practical and deal-oriented approach to transactions” – Chambers Europe 2023
”Professional, swift and not complicating things. High value for money.” – Legal 500 2022
”The HPP Real Estate team provides very good value for money: they understand the business and are experienced people with a “no nonsense” attitude.”
– Legal 500 2022
Very professional. Excellent dynamic within the team.Legal 500 2020
Understands customer needs and situation.Legal 500 2020


”Calm and assertive, determined, civil and polite in manners.” – Legal 500 2022
”A creative team that is determined and dedicated to understanding and connecting legal issues within the maritime sector to state and governmental way of handling these issues.”
– Legal 500 2022
“They are a solid firm, very commercial and specialised. We got answers very quickly and they have good knowledge.”
– Chambers Europe 2020
Approachable team members.Legal 500 2020


“HPP Attorneys’ service and response time have always been exemplary.” – Chambers Europe 2023
“The team of HPP Attorneys has a deep knowledge in IT contract law”– Chambers Europe 2023
“Easy to co-operate with” and has “good insolvency knowledge.” Chambers Europe 2020
“They do give value.” Chambers Europe 2019
“They are very strong in insolvency.” Chambers Europe 2019”easy to co-operate with” and has ”good insolvency knowledge”– Chambers Europe 2020


“They were available when needed and performed well.”– Chambers Global 2023
“Proactive and solution-driven.”
– Chambers Europe 2022
”HPP’s financing team is very experienced and reliable. Their delivery times are second to none and quality is very good.” – Legal 500 2022
”They have a very strong market knowledge and very broad expertise. They are well integrated between regulatory and M&A/finance.” – Legal 500 2022


“Their work was admirably effective, thorough and diligent. They were able to produce simple, straightforward and understandable responses to our complicated questions.”– Chambers Global 2023
“HPP’s approach was very customer-oriented.”– Chambers Global 2023
“Tailor-made advice was very detailed and comprehensive.”– Chambers Europe 2022
”The team is very business minded and is able quickly to understand the needs of the customer and come up with sensible proposals.”
– Legal 500 2022
”Very professional and competent team members showing great expertise and experience. Dedicated to customer specific needs. Output very clear and spot on as requested. Easy, fun and fluent to work with.”
– Legal 500 2022
“Very good team spirit and good knowledge. One can see that they appreciate each other which enables good co-operation.” Legal500 2020
“Excellent communication and constructive and successful analysis of matters.” Chambers Europe 2020


“The team of HPP Attorneys has a deep knowledge in IT contract law”  – Legal 500 2023
“HPP Attorneys’ service and response time have always been exemplary.”– Legal 500 2023
“A high-quality team with the ability to deliver.” Chambers Europe 2020


“They were very knowledgeable of the law, and able to explain it in a simple and accessible manner to non-lawyers and overseas clients. They could juggle lots at once and provided very quick responses at all times and were very available.”– Chambers Global 2023
”HPP are incredibly commercial, pragmatic and sensible. They give clear and easy to understand advice, which is direct and to the point. Their written and spoken English is exceptional. As a client who is based outside Finland (in the UK) I could not be more impressed with both their level of service and the quality of the advice they give and the manner in which it is given. I have instructed many law firms over the years where English is not their first language, and none have come close to the legal advice received from HPP.”
– Legal 500 2022
“Business-minded and straightforward.” – Chambers Europe 2020


”Brilliant at explaining legal issues in an understandable way.”– Chambers Europe 2022