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Oletko erikoistunut olennaiseen? Haluatko kehittyä alan huippuosaajaksi ja edetä urallasi?

Meillä pääset työskentelemään haastavissa ja monipuolisissa projekteissa sekä kehittymään mutkattomassa työyhteisössä, jossa ihmiset jakavat osaamistaan. Tarjoamme osaavan joukkueemme täyden tuen kehittymisellesi ja menestymisellesi.

Etsimme jatkuvasti uusia kyvykkyyksiä joukkuettamme täydentämään.

Lähetä avoin hakemuksesi meille tästä lomakkeesta.

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Markkinointi- ja viestintäjohtaja


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Senior Counsel Teija Lius has been working with us now for almost one year!

Joining HPP was a comeback to where Teija started her career, in a law firm. In between, Teija spent five years in Luxembourg with the European Investment Bank and few years working in another development finance institution.

The workweek, as a banking and finance lawyer, is mostly about working with project financing and other debt and equity financing, e.g mezzanine financing, bilateral loans and convertible loans.

Teija wants to send an important pointer to all you, who recently graduated from law school: “Keep up the curious mindset and believe in yourselves!” 💪

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Marketing and Communications Director – we are looking for you! 🧑‍💻
Do you have an uncompromising and enthusiastic attitude? Great!
Do you know how to do external marketing, develope the employer branding? Great!
Do you know how to handle external and internal communication? Even better!

Apply now for our Marketing team as a Marketing and Communications Director. Last day to apply is 24.10.2021. ⭐
#marketingandcommunication #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto

Stella has just finished her trainee program and here are some thoughts she wrote down regarding her time at HPP. 💭

"My internship at HPP has offered me a lot of lessons for the future - as an intern in the transaction team, I have worked closely in numerous M&A and financing projects, and have gained extensive knowledge of corporate law as well as various tax and real estate issues.

Among other things, I have assisted in drafting and preparing documents, due diligence processes, and general legal translation and research. It was great to notice how I could have a say on the assignments according to my own interests, and the assignments, like the days, were versatile and varying.

It has been especially great that at HPP, even the trainee gets a lot of responsibility according to their own readiness and desire, as well as the opportunity to constantly develop. Considering the trainee’s trajectory, they get challenged every day. In addition to the accumulation of substantive knowledge, it seems rewarding to note that my own confidence and ability to perform tasks independently has further increased, and I feel that the program has given me an excellent starting point and the ability to work as a lawyer!"

Thank you Stella and we wish you all the best with the upcoming challenges! ⭐
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