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Oletko erikoistunut olennaiseen? Haluatko kehittyä alan huippuosaajaksi ja edetä urallasi?

Meillä pääset työskentelemään haastavissa ja monipuolisissa projekteissa sekä kehittymään mutkattomassa työyhteisössä, jossa ihmiset jakavat osaamistaan. Tarjoamme osaavan joukkueemme täyden tuen kehittymisellesi ja menestymisellesi.

Etsimme jatkuvasti uusia kyvykkyyksiä joukkuettamme täydentämään.

Lähetä avoin hakemuksesi meille tästä lomakkeesta.

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Information Officer


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HPP Attorneys Ltd is pleased to announce that it has invited attorneys Anna-Stephanie Roubier and Klaus Majamäki to join the partnership effective 1 January 2021. #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto ...

New reflective umbrellas for these rainy and dark days. They are made of recycled materials and 6 litres of water has been saved in the production of each one! 💧#umbrellas #greenhpp #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto ...

Laila Nikkanen, one of our Legal Assistants, started working with us when she was only 20 years old. At the time she was the 9th employee of the firm. "Now we are so many that it's becoming a challenge to learn everybody's names!" 🙂
Work has changed enormously over the past 4 decades. "I still enjoy working here every day. Every day there is something new that comes up and there definitely aren't any boring days at this firm. One phone call can change the schedule for the entire day. That is the bright side of this profession - it keeps your mind busy!
#careerstories #legalassistant #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto

Next week Partner Henna Kinnunen and Senior Advisor Johan Pråhl will hold a webinar where they will discuss employer’s obligation to take care of employees’ health at work. In these exceptional times of significantly increased remote work the topic is particularly current. The webinar is arranged in cooperation with Edilex and it will be take place on 3 December at 9.00 am. #employmentlaw #employeehealth #remotework #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto ...

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