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Oletko erikoistunut olennaiseen? Haluatko kehittyä alan huippuosaajaksi ja edetä urallasi?

Meillä pääset työskentelemään haastavissa ja monipuolisissa projekteissa sekä kehittymään mutkattomassa työyhteisössä, jossa ihmiset jakavat osaamistaan. Tarjoamme osaavan joukkueemme täyden tuen kehittymisellesi ja menestymisellesi.

Etsimme jatkuvasti uusia kyvykkyyksiä joukkuettamme täydentämään.

Lähetä avoin hakemuksesi meille tästä lomakkeesta.

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Associate juristi

Associate, Legal ja Junior Trainee -ohjelmat


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We're hiring! Apply to become the next Associate Lawyer of our Dispute Resolution team. We are searching for a determined, open-minded individual who has completed their Master's Degree in Law and is now in the beginning of their career. Great skills in Finnish and English are required as well as the ability to work both independently and as a part of a team. Apply no later than 5th March 2021. For more information, please visit our website. The application link can be found in the comments section. #rekry #disputeresolution #associate #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto ...

We are now looking for Junior, Legal and Associate Trainees to join our Trainee program starting in September 2021. We value a flexible, active and responsible way of working. Excellent Finnish skills and skills in other foreign languages combined with a willingness to learn are also appreciated. 💪Our HR Specialist Anniina Suomi will be taking in applications until 14th March 2021, so apply by then! For more information, visit our website or send in your application here: www.sympahr.net/public/pq.aspx?4b6cc782 #juniortrainee #legaltrainee #associatetrainee #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto ...

Our webinar on the taxational possibilities of employee share issue was a success! Please find some key takeaways below:

1. The new legislation enables affordable employee investments avoiding interpretation difficulties of the previous tax schemes, but requires majority of employees to have the right to participate. Exclusion of public companies and subsidiary employees are key restrictions.
2. Allocation of share subscription rights between participating employees on a value add basis is presumably a key item triggering a need for an advance ruling
3. Can have an impact on group restructuring both up and downstream

Many thanks to all participants for taking part in our virtual event.
Did you miss the webinar? You can now watch the entire event from our website hpp.fi/ajankohtaista - tune in and enjoy! 🙂

#taxlaw #webinar #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto

To Mediate or not to Mediate? Tune in on 18 March 2021 at 13:00–15:00 (UTC +02:00) to listen to experienced professionals from Finland and abroad sharing their views and best practices on mediation as a means of amicable dispute resolution. The webinar will be held in English. If you are interested in joining, please let us know by sending us an e-mail at hpp@hpp.fi
#disputeresolution #hppattorneys #hppasianajotoimisto

Our office is located in the city centre of Helsinki. The 6-floor building runs 100% on green electricity – 100% of the consumed electricity has now been produced by wind power. 🌪️
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