HPP’s IP and technology team aims to guide its clients through the fast-moving and rapidly-developing world of information technology, electronic business, communication and services. Our clients either produce and sell IP or technology-related products or services, primarily in the software, technology, telecommunications, logistics and pharmaceutical industries or are clients which rely on technology in their own business interests.

Our IP and technology team is experienced in assisting clients at all levels of their respective industries and all stages of their lifecycle from technology start-up through commercialising new technology products to taking their technology business international to realising the value of their business through an exit strategy. Our IP lawyers are experienced in advising clients in the creation, registration and exploitation of different types of intellectual property rights which form a valuable part of a company’s business strategy and assets.

Depending on the matter, in advising our clients on IP and technology issues the HPP team will consist of IP and technology lawyers with specific knowledge of IP and technology law issues such as technology and software licensing, system delivery or outsourcing, as well as other relevant legal expertise such as technology transfer and competition law, banking and finance and dispute resolution.



  • IT agreements

    HPP serves clients on a regular basis in the drafting and negotiation of contracts related to technology and IT products and services, including software license agreements, data system delivery contracts and maintenance and development agreements. Proper protection of copyrights and other IP rights is central to technology commercialisation. The impact of competition law on the terms of technology agreements relating to technology licensing and distribution, research and development projects and technology transfer (in particular the impact of the relevant EU Block Exemptions relating to these areas) is of vital importance to our IP and technology lawyers and they interact on a regular basis with our leading competition law team to ensure clients’ business operations are compliant and run with minimum risk.

  • Intellectual property rights

    Our IPR lawyers are skilled at assisting clients in protecting, utilising and exploiting their company intellectual property rights which, in many cases are one of the most valuable assets a client company possesses. Our knowledgeable IP lawyers work in conjunction with our client’s technical and sales and marketing teams to ensure that the client’s business strategy and roadmap for development are executed in the most risk-free and commercially profitable manner possible and to protect the often sizable investments which may have been made to develop the relevant IPR. In addition to traditional aspects of an IPR lawyer’s daily caseload comprising know-how, copyright, trademark or patent licensing matters, our lawyers also devise bespoke training packages for company management concerning the issues arising from managing an IP portfolio as well as conducting significant litigation relating to patent infringement and brand protection. We also handle assignments concerning trademarks, business names and design registration and regularly cooperate with patent attorneys. By its very nature our IPR work often involves a multi-jurisdictional element in which HPP acts as lead counsel obtaining advice on the local differences in IPR law in foreign jurisdictions.

  • IPR disputes and litigation

    HPP manages disputes and prosecutes cases relating to intellectual property rights. In addition to matters pertaining to employee invention rights and compensation, typical trials include disputes concerning violation of immaterial property rights or disputes over proprietary rights or invalidation of IPR. In IPR disputes, our litigation experts combine their deep dispute resolution competence with in-depth substance-related knowledge of the lawyers in our IP and technology team. We have a strong track record in dispute resolution related to technology and IPR, and we represent established companies from sectors such as technology, metal, telecommunications, retail brands, media and pharmaceutical industries, among others. Understanding the technology in these industries enables us to support our clients in reaching the best possible end result in trials and settlement negotiations.

  • Privacy and data protection

    As organisations process various personal data concerning their employees or clients, it is important that the key principles of privacy protection are understood and data processing is appropriately organised. Data protection also plays a key role when employees and customers are offered electronic communication services or other services to be implemented in an electronic environment. As a market-leader in this area, HPP offers specialist advice to enable clients to develop trust towards their employees and customers in the processing of their personal data, as well as data concerning the use of electronic communication. Our clients operate in the retail, technology, logistics, pharmaceutical and energy industries, among others. The competence of our specialists in managing industry-specific regulation, combined with knowledge of the client’s operating environment, facilitates appropriate and effective organisation of practices related to processing personal data and electronic communication by our clients. Our privacy and data protection services include both larger compliance projects and assisting with problem situations concerning individuals related to privacy and data protection. In matters pertaining to processing personal data, we also regularly assist clients in negotiations with the office of the Data Protection Ombudsman. Our experience has shown that these kinds of negotiations are extremely useful in planning improvements to clients’ privacy protection policies and processes.

  • Trade secrets

    As part of HPP’s data protection advice, we assist clients in issues concerning the protection of trade secrets. An essential part of the service is ensuring that our clients’ trade secrets can be maintained in different contractual relationships. In addition, we assist clients in trials concerning the protection of trade secrets and other legal processes preceding the trial.

  • Health care

    HPP advises both private and public sector operators on legal issues concerning health care. We assist clients, for example, in patient care and privacy protection matters and health care professionals’ obligations and liabilities. We also give healthcare units advice on issues concerning employment and service relationships and public procurement. In handling the assignments, we combine the competence of our experts in different areas of law, for example employment, competition law and data protection specialists to the extent required by the client and the type of assignment.

  • Smart mobility

    The development of smart mobility is based on the adoption of new technologies and the utilisation of data in different services and self-guided vehicles. HPP is one of Finland’s leading technology law experts, with comprehensive experience of regulation in the field, intellectual rights and GDPR as well as demanding technology contracts.

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