Real estate

HPP advises on a range of legal issues pertaining to the life cycle of a real estate. Expertise in the fundamentals of real estate law combined with our other services, such as environmental and zoning law, enables the comprehensive identification and management of the risks, liabilities and opportunities with regard to real estates, thereby allowing us to deliver added value for our clients.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading law firms in Finland representing real estate investors, developers and users in different types of assignments and projects related to real estate and construction. In addition to business and office space, HPP has extensive experience with regard to industrial real estates and facilities. We have established solid relationships with the leading technical advisors and our real estate and construction team regularly cooperates with such advisors in various real estate projects.



  • Building conservation

    Conservation of a building can be included in the plan provisions or issued as separate conservation orders. Obligations related to building conservation may present an obstacle, or in practise hinder the use of affected real estate. For this reason, conservation issues should be taken into consideration in real estate transactions and development projects. We have assisted clients in conservation-related issues as part of different types of real estate transactions, and also in separate assignments.

  • Construction and contract disputes

    Implementation of construction projects involves various permit procedures in which we advise our clients. HPP drafts and negotiates various construction agreements for such projects and procedures. Construction projects do not always materialise as planned, resulting in a conflict between the parties. Our dispute resolution team regularly represents clients in arbitration proceedings concerning construction agreements. Our client base consists primarily of developers, including industrial entities and public sector developers of various infrastructure projects, in addition to commercial property developers.

  • Contamination

    Soil decontamination costs may result in considerable expenditure that may fall on the owner or other holder of the real estate. We routinely take contamination and related risks into account in real estate transactions and development projects. Further, we have established ourselves as a leading Finnish law firm in handling civil and administrative court proceedings related to contaminated real estates. Our client base consists of leading industrial enterprises in different sectors as well as companies in the oil industry.

  • Expropriation

    Expropriations are frequently related to socially important industrial and infrastructure projects. Expropriation procedures constitute a specialised legal field of their own, frequently accompanied by considerable financial interests and conflicts. In recent years, we have participated in several significant expropriation projects in Finland, representing landowners and industrial entities.

  • Land use planning and zoning

    HPP represents the leading expertise in the legal issues related to land use planning and zoning. We participate in zoning projects as advisors to both the public and the private sector. As a result of longstanding cooperation, we have first-rate business relationships with many land use planning authorities and technical consultants. As a result of the planning hierarchy (regional plan, local master plan, city plan) and wide-ranging complaint opportunities, zoning projects are often prolonged or otherwise challenging in terms of project planning. For this reason, we make an effort to influence zoning in a proactive manner at the preparatory stage, resulting in fundamentally achieving the best possible end result with regard to the client’s goals. When proactive influence is not possible, we advance our clients’ projects through legal proceedings in regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. We also determine the risks and opportunities concerning zoning with regard to property restructuring and development projects. HPP regularly participates in the preparation of zoning-related land use agreements between municipalities and landowners concerning the reservation areas for different purposes of use; we also prepare plan implementation agreements.

  • Real estate formation

    Legal issues relating to real estate formation may present problems in terms of future use and development. Our market leading real estate lawyers are renowned for the ability to offer feasible solutions in connection with real estate formation, in particular when there are issues which may affect the future use and development of real estate.

  • Real estate transactions

    HPP regularly advises on different types of real estate transactions, including M&A deals concerning real estate companies, direct real estate acquisitions and disposals as well as different sale and leaseback arrangements. Our real estate lawyers have extensive experience in the fundamental issues of property law (including real estate formation and easement). Expertise in this area, along with corporate and contract law, is a prerequisite for a successful completion of a real estate transaction. Furthermore, our real estate team has extensive experience in undertaking due diligence in relation to real estate transactions.

    Our real estate transactions client base consists of both Finnish and international players. Assignments primarily concern business, office, logistics and industrial properties in different sectors. We handle all types of real estate transactions concerning both individual real estates as well as more extensive property portfolios.

  • Finance and collateral security

    Finance and security issues are an integral part of property restructuring, in particular in extensive projects involving several targets. HPP’s experts have participated in several types of property restructuring, preparing financial and security agreements.

  • Leasing arrangements

    HPP regularly assists clients with regard to the daily use of real estate, including drafting of agreements concerning real estate lease arrangements and related negotiations. Leasing issues regularly arise in different types of real estate transactions as well. The importance of environmental issues related to the use of real estate is increasing, and owing to HPP’s expertise in environmental law, we are also the leading experts in Finland in developing what are known as Green Leases.

  • Real estate development projects

    HPP participates on a regular basis in different real estate development projects which may include developing targets or altering the purpose of use of existing targets. The wide-ranging competence of our lawyers in different aspects of real estate development, including zoning, financing and taxation, enables the timely identification of risks and opportunities associated with a real estate development project. Our client base consists of domestic and international property developers and tenants, including international retail chains and an international hotel chain.

  • Real estate funds

    Real estate funds, which constitute a particular form of real estate holding, may be a feasible structure in case of several real estate investors. HPP’s experts have extensive fund-related competence and we have participated in the structuring and formation of several real estate funds operating in Finland and abroad.

  • Taxation

    Real estate transactions, development and use include several aspects related to tax law which should be taken into consideration during the planning stages in order to achieve a financially viable end result. Depending on the client’s needs, we often include also our tax expertise in our real estate engagements and projects in order to minimise the exposure and risks and to optimise the benefits.