HPP is the leading law firm in maritime and transport law in Finland. We have in-depth knowledge of the maritime and transport industry. Our long-term, extensive experience covers matters concerning maritime, transport, insurance and tort law, as well as forwarding and logistics.



  • Transport and freight contracts / cargo damage

    HPP assists both carriers and cargo owners in preparing transport and freight contracts. We have extensive experience in dispute resolution concerning freight contracts and cargo damages. A large portion of the transport-related cases handled by HPP have been published in ND. Moreover, several maritime and transport related cases handled by HPP have been published by the Finnish Supreme Court as precedents. Many of our assignments involve complex procedural issues that are international in nature. HPP’s dispute resolution practice supports our maritime and transport law practice and vice versa. We also act as arbitrators. The cases which we plead often have international or Scandinavian dimensions.

  • Transport law

    We frequently represent cargo insurers but also liability insurers and carriers in cargo damage disputes in relation to road carriage, storage and forwarding. We have drafted and negotiated transport and logistics contracts for our clients. We have also handled cargo damage disputes with regard to air and railway transport.

  • Aviation

    Our casualty specialists have assisted hull and liability insurers with regard to aviation-related casualties and our banking and finance practice has been involved in transactions pertaining to aircraft financing. Our competition law practice has also been active in clarifying aviation-related issues.

  • Casualties / environmental risks

    Almost every time a casualty at sea has occurred in Finland or has been related to Finland in some way, HPP has been there to assist one of the parties involved in the casualty. HPP has in-depth knowledge of the regulations for preventing collisions at sea and also practical experience in assisting officers, crew and others involved after a collision has occurred at sea. In connection with collisions, HPP’s environmental practice is particularly useful in handling any environmental liability issues. Numerous collision and grounding cases handled by HPP have been published in ND (Nordiske Domme i Sjøfartsanliggender), the leading maritime and transport law report publication in the Nordic countries. Salvage often plays a central role after a casualty has occurred. We have experience in assisting both the salvor and the ship owner.

  • Corporate and competition law

    HPP has extensive experience in structuring issues relating to ship-owning entities. We have assisted ship owners, bare boat owners and crew, technical and commercial management companies. We are familiar with different types of pooling and joint ventures. We also have extensive experience in assisting shipbrokers, agents, suppliers, pilots and tugboat companies. HPP’s special expertise in competition law has been particularly helpful to our clients operating shipping companies. HPP also has experience in assisting public authorities in their capacity as the purchaser of various services and provider of transport services. We also assist carriers operating passenger transport services.

  • Fairway dues / subsidies / taxation and the protection of sea environment

    We monitor on an ongoing basis, on behalf of our clients, legislation related to fairway dues, subsidies, mixed crews and tonnage taxation. We report to our clients on ice class rules and developments related to nautical emission restrictions.

  • Marine insurance

    Marine insurance has always been one of our key competence areas. We have provided successful counsel to both the insured and the insurer in issues relating to hull, war, strike and loss of profits insurance. We frequently assist liability and cargo insurers in recourse disputes, where at times applicable insurance conditions need to be interpreted pursuant to the laws of different countries.

  • Seamen’s work / industrial actions

    We have acted on numerous matters related to hiring crew, terminating employment contracts, collective bargaining, mixed crew and occupational safety cases. Our assignments – for example, in connection with changing flag – include reviewing the crew’s social and pension security liabilities. We have successfully prevented, by means of injunctions, illegal industrial actions that have been directed against foreign flagged vessels.

  • Shipbuilding and financing

    HPP has assisted ship buyers, shipyards and designers. We have acted for clients in numerous asset finance transactions concerning ship sale and shipbuilding. Our financial services practice has substantial experience in this field and is available to assist in ship financing matters.

  • Smart mobility

    Finland is one of the world’s leading countries in traffic regulation reforms. HPP is an active agent driving this change. Our expertise covers both traditional maritime and transport law, liability issues, transport accidents and contractual arrangements as well as specific questions pertaining to the new regulations, such as cooperation obligations, open interfaces and acting on behalf of someone else.

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