Energy and Infrastructure

HPP offers comprehensive legal services with respect to the most demanding infrastructure projects. We have provided assistance in a majority of the most significant infrastructure projects in Finland. By way of example, we provide advice to the extractive and energy industries as well as harbour, motorways and other roadways and airport operators.

HPP offers the projects a tailor-made group of experts with first-rate competence and expertise in the field. Our environmental group is supported by experts from HPP’s maritime and transport law, competition law, procurement legislation, banking and finance as well as transactions and corporate advisory teams.

HPP is one of Finland’s leading experts in the energy sector. We act on a significant number of matters for clients in the energy sector each year, including power companies, development companies and investors. We also advise energy company consortia on joint ventures and development projects.



  • Energy

    HPP’s expertise includes the range of sectors within the energy industry. We assist our clients in projects related to heat and power plants, wind and hydro power and other renewable energy sources, waste incineration, waste-to-energy projects and nuclear power projects. Our expertise covers legal issues related to electricity, district heating and cooling, and also to energy transmission and distribution networks. We advise clients in relation to often demanding power plant and investment projects, land use and environmental projects, including providing advice with regard to competitive positioning. We also advise our clients on a regular basis on issues of contractual liability and damages relating to these projects and assist clients in energy dispute resolution proceedings. HPP has a long experience of handling assignments related to emission trading and other CO2-related projects.

    Areas of particular expertise include advising on energy sector restructurings, various energy generation projects (CHP, hydropower, nuclear power, peat, wind power), renewable energy and cleantech as well as advising on sector specific regulation (such as the regulation of the electricity market and emissions trading) as well as resolving disputes involving energy clients and issues. We are also specialized in sector specific issues relating to competition regulation and environmental and permitting procedures relevant to the energy sector as well as in energy regulation at the European Community level.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions constitute an increasingly active part of the energy sector. Obligations based on the Electricity Market Act, joint ventures concerning energy productionj and cooperation in exploiting the new energy technologies and sectors have increased mergers and acquisition activity within the energy sector.HPP regularly advises on energy-related M&A transactions involving both domestic and foreign parties and sponsors.

    HPP has advised on a number of significant structuring and restructuring project within the energy sector: our lawyers have advised on the structuring and formation of over 30 municipal energy companies, as well as on acquisitions, foundations and dissolutions of joint ventures and investments. We have also advised on a number of different nationwide and regional joint ventures in the energy sector.

  • Investments

    Investment in the energy sector is one of the most active areas of investment in Finland. Investments focus on new large-scale nationwide ventures (such as nuclear power), traditional energy production with new technology (CHP, waste plant) and different ventures concerning the production of renewable energy (wind power and biomass). HPP has significant experience on advising target companies, operators, investors, financial institutions and shareholders on all relevant legal aspects of investment in the energy industry in Finland.

    In Post-investment, HPP has market-leading knowledge on the commercial and operational issues affecting clients in the energy industry, in particular on the environmental and permitting procedures related to such investments. Such procedures are an essential element of the successful implementation of projects after completion of the investment. We have advised companies on tendering, procurement, contractual and financial arrangements related to these investments. We are able to offer parties involved in energy projects extensive legal services for the entire life cycle of the investment.

  • Regulation of electricity market

    Energy production is a specifically and heavily-regulated industry. Regulation of the Finnish electricity market is based on EU-Directives. It determines the structure of the electricity market (obligation for differentiation, ownership) and the function of energy companies. The change in the regulatory environment addresses heavy pressure on electricity production (renewable energy, emissions trading, environment energy, support policy).

    HPP is specialized in advising on specific regulatory issues relevant to the energy industry. We advise clients, among other things, on questions related to operation and maintenance of electricity network, the operation of and participation in the Nordpool market access to grid, e-commerce, intelligent network, energy support, consumer pricing and emissions trading.

  • Wind power projects

    Strong public and political support for wind power have made Finland for a very attractive country for the development and operation of significant wind power projects.In addition to established energy companies and operators, foreign and domestic investors as well as development companies are increasingly active in the Finnish wind sector. HPP is one of Finland’s leading experts in wind power and has significant experience of advising on the whole range of issues arising from the development and operation for wind farms. We have advised on numerous different wind power projects. Our specific know-how covers advice on relevant issues at all stages of the development cycle including early-stage development issues such as zoning and permitting procedures, environmental impact assessments, land acquisition and use, project finance and joint venture arrangements for the development of wind farms through to the legal issues arising from construction, operation of turbines and grid infrastructure, acceptance into the Finnish feed-in tariff scheme through to the ongoing finance or sale of operating wind farms. We are able to offer companies involved in the projects extensive legal services for the entire life of wind power projects and investments.

  • Harbour operations

    HPP has provided assistance with regard to some of the most prominent harbour projects in Finland. We have a deep understanding of harbour business operations and its special environmental characteristics. We have extensive experience in handling harbour-related environmental matters, company acquisitions and other transactions as well as liability issues. We also advise clients in other types of hydraulic construction projects (including waterway channel projects and dredging).

  • Mining operations

    HPP is among the leading legal advisors with regard to mining and mineral exploration in Finland. We offer a full range of legal services required for the establishment and successful implementation of a mining project. By way of example, we assist our clients in obtaining rights, preparing agreements (such as option, cooperation and royalty agreements) as well as establishing and incorporating businesses. We also provide advice during different phases of financing and in cross-border acquisitions and other transactions in connection with mining projects. We also act in landowner negotiations and indemnity proceedings, environmental proceedings required for the project, logistics solutions and advising in safety-related matters.

  • Transport infrastructure projects

    HPP has a considerable experience in legal issues arising from the construction of motorways and other road constructions projects. We have assisted clients, for example, with regard to overall planning, as well as road plans related to road construction projects. We also have experience in solving nature protection and land ownership conflicts with respect to traffic routes, and we assist our clients also in legal issues concerning shipping fairways and channels as well as other maritime and aviation traffic routes.

  • Smart mobility

    Smart mobility increases the pressure on community planning and the development of infrastructure as well as the adoption of new energy solutions. HPP boasts long experience of the implementation of large infrastructure projects and, specifically, of the relevant permit proceedings. HPP is one of the leading firms in the energy sector, especially with regard to legislation pertaining to the production of renewable energy.

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