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  • HPP-Mikko-Erkkilä

    Erkkilä Mikko

    Senior Advisor
    +358 40 773 7311
    Senior Advisor, Member Of The Finnish Bar
    +358 40 773 7311 /

    Mr. Erkkilä specialises in environmental and property law. Based on his 20 years of professional experiences in each, he also has practical familiarity with court and other official proceedings. He works as part of the firm’s environment and dispute resolution groups. Among Mikko’s strengths is also his excellent overall knowledge of business jurisprudence. With the exception of in-court training, Mikko has conducted his entire career practicing law.

    A graduate of the University of Lapland, Mikko completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Helsinki, where he majored in EU and environmental law. He started work at HPP in 2001.

    Mikko’s working languages are Finnish and English.

  • Minna-Juhola

    Juhola Minna

    +358 40 557 1210
    +358 40 557 1210 /

    Ms Juhola specializes in environmental law. She is part of the firm’s environmental law team and assists mainly in issues concerning environmental permits and appeals and also nature conservation legislation. In addition, she has experience on energy law, mergers and acquisitions and real estate transactions.

    Minna is a graduate of the University of Turku specializing in European environmental law. She wrote her master’s thesis on international climate change conventions. In addition, she has studied environmental and energy law at University of Reykjavik, Iceland.

    Before joining HPP in 2015, Minna worked at another business law firm specialized in environmental and real estate law.

    Minna’s working languages are Finnish and English.

  • Oskari Kemppinen lähi

    Kemppinen Oskari

    +358 50 338 3667
    +358 50 338 3667 /

    Oskari Kemppinen specialises in real estate transactions.

    Oskari’s specialism also includes corporate taxation and company law.

  • Leif Laitinen Lähi

    Laitinen Leif

    +357 44 750 5610
    +357 44 750 5610 /
  • Partner, Member Of The Finnish Bar
    +358 40 779 7878 /

    Mr. Marttinen specialises in environmental law and dispute resolution related to the field. His areas of expertise include permit procedures, matters pertaining to the application of administrative law, matters pertaining to environmental liability and nature protection, waste management and recycling and infrastructure projects. He is in charge of the firm’s environmental group.

    Kari has particular experience in liability issues related to old industrial areas and complex matters related to permits and complaints in accordance with the Water Act, Environmental Protection Act and Land Use and Building Act, and also in dispute resolution concerning environmental liabilities. He has held the principal responsibility as an attorney in several major projects. In addition, he has taught at the University of Helsinki and the University of Technology in Espoo.

    Kari assists enterprises in the energy sector, and also commercial and industrial enterprises, along with those in the forest, metal and recycling sector, and different institutions and interest groups. He has extensive experience in the recycling industry and in matters pertaining to producer responsibility particularly in the packaging industry. At the core of his expertise are also matters pertaining to nature protection, expropriation and related dispute resolution. His expert status is recognised within the field of environmental law in Finland, as well as internationally.

    Chambers Europe, Legal 500, the Best Lawyers and Who´s Who Legal rank Kari among Finland’s leading legal experts:

    ”Leading environmental law specialist. Vast knowledge. Easy-going, understands client needs and is always available.” (Chambers Europe 2017)

    Kari was one of the first lawyers specialising in EU law to graduate from the University of Helsinki in 1991. He received the qualification of Licentiate in Laws in 1995.

    Kari’s working languages are Finnish, Swedish and English.

  • Marttinen_Suvi_03_low

    Marttinen Suvi

    Senior Advisor
    +358 40 580 7686LinkedIn
    Senior Advisor, Member Of The Finnsh Bar
    +358 40 580 7686 /

    Ms. Marttinen specialises in environmental and property law. Her areas of expertise include zoning and construction law and legal issues concerning nature protection and mining rights. She also has expertise in earth as well as hydraulic construction projects, expropriation matters and land rights litigation.

    Suvi assists companies in the industrial, excavation, energy, waste and logistics sectors. She is also a notary public. Prior to her employment at HPP, she worked as an environmental and property lawyer at the Valuation Centre and the National Survey Board.

    Suvi is a graduate of the University of Helsinki. She started work at HPP in 2006.

    Suvi´s working languages are Finnish and English.

  • RaatikainenPekka-1MID

    Raatikainen Pekka

    +358 40 751 9457
    Partner, Member Of The Finnish Bar
    +358 40 751 9457 /

    Pekka has an excellent reputation as a leading real estate and construction, commercial, and dispute resolution lawyer. He co-heads the firm’s technology practice with Kari-Matti Lehti.

    He has over 20 years’ experience in business law and an outstanding background advising clients on commercial, intellectual property (IP) and dispute resolution matters, both on a national and international level. Pekka has extensive experience in advising information and communication technology (ICT) clients on a wide range of communications and IT-related issues including procurement, outsourcing, exploitation, regulatory and licensing issues.

    For many years he has been acknowledged as one of the experts in the field of IT in Finland in international legal directories such as EMEA Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

    ”Very good negotiation abilities.” (Chambers Europe 2017)

    In addition, he has been listed in the editions of the Best Lawyers since 2009 for Finland in the field of Information Technology Law.

    He is a mediator accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). He is also an active member of the International Bar Association (IBA), the Finnish Industrial Property Rights Association and the Finnish IT-law Association.

    Pekka received his master of law degree from the University of Helsinki in 1992. Before joining HPP, Pekka worked at another leading law firm as partner.

    Pekka’s working languages are Finnish, English and Swedish.

  • HPP-Rikala

    Rikala Antti

    Senior Advisor
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    Senior Advisor
    +358 44 368 1804 /

    Mr. Rikala specialises in property, corporate and financial reorganisation. He has worked in extensive projects involving Finnish and international property targets, and is very familiar with the transaction structures, negotiation processes and market practices. Besides property transactions, he has been responsible for corporate reorganisation between industrial operators, capital investment processes and corporate restructuring and contract matters.

    Antti has worked at law offices since 2002, concentrating on property, corporate reorganisation, private equity and special financing projects. He has been thanked for his practical solutions and energetic grasp of the projects in effectively moving them forward.

    Antti is a graduate of the University of Lapland. He started work at HPP in 2010.

    Antti’s working languages are Finnish and English.

  • Johanna Roine Lähi3

    Roine Johanna


    Johanna Roine specialises in environmental and real estate law. Her areas of expertise include zoning and construction law and legal issues concerning real estate development and real estate transactions.

    She has studied international environmental law in Ireland and spatial planning and real estate economics at Aalto University.

  • Partner, Member Of The Finnish Bar
    +358 40 553 1010 /

    Mr. Tuomala specialises in property and environmental law. His areas of expertise include, in particular, property reorganisations and development projects, construction, environmental liabilities and permit procedures. He is in charge of the firm’s property group and is also part of the environmental group.

    Jari assists property investors, developers and property users from different sectors. He also assists companies and industrial operators with regard to administrative and civil proceedings related to environmental liability and permit issues. Before his employment with HPP, Jari worked as a lawyer in an international audit organisation, focusing on corporate reorganisations.

    Jari is ranked in international directories (Chambers Europe, Chambers Global), where the clients praise him:

    ”Very good at making complicated matters simple.” (Chambers Europe 2017)

    Jari is a graduate of the University of Helsinki. In addition, he completed a Master of Laws postgraduate degree in European and environmental law at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He became an employee of HPP in 2003 and Partner in 2010.

    Jari’s working languages are Finnish and English.

  • Partner, Member of the Finnish Bar
    +358 40 500 3868 /

    Marko Wainio has excellent reputation as a dispute resolution lawyer especially in domestic litigation and arbitration. He has wide experience of complex commercial disputes. He regularly acts as an arbitrator in arbitral tribunals.

    Chambers Europe, Legal 500, the Best Lawyers and Who´s Who Legal rank Marko among Finland’s leading legal experts in dispute resolution.

    “His legal skills and knowledge are outstanding. He’s quick to understand things and obviously highly intelligent.” (Chambers Global, Dispute resolution, 2017)

    “Marko Wainio receives wide-ranging praise from clients for his dispute resolution expertise.” (Chambers Europe 2016, Dispute resolution)

    “He is a very analytical litigator and an especially good writer; I would simply say he has outstanding advocacy skills.” (Chambers Global, Dispute resolution, 2015)

    “Marko Wainio is highly recommended by sources for domestic litigation cases and also for his expertise in construction-related dispute. His written statements and performance in court are brilliant.” (Chambers Global, Dispute resolution, 2015)

    ”Marko Wainio draws praise from across the market for his strength in dispute resolution.” (Chambers Europe, Dispute Resolution, 2014)

    “Marko Wainio is well regarded as a “fearless” advocate in domestic litigation and arbitration.” (Chambers Europe, Dispute Resolution, 2013)

    “One of the best litigators in Finland.” (EMEA Legal 500, Dispute Resolution, 2012)

    Marko was educated at the University of Helsinki (LL.Lic.). He is also a member of the Finnish Association for Arbitration.

    His working laguages are Finnish, Swedish and English.