Valitse aihepiiri

Sundström Mikko

Mikko Sundström specialises in international commercial and corporate law as well as legal questions related to aviation. He assists clients in corporate and financing arrangements and related organisational restructuring. He also advises clients in investments from Central Europe into Finland. Mikko’s particular areas of expertise include forest and mechanical wood processing industries, aviation & aerospace […]

Komonen Matti

Matti Komonen is specialised in logistics, maritime and transport law and insurance. In addition to drafting transport documents, Matti is particularly focused on dispute resolution related to maritime, transport and insurance legislation. His areas of expertise also include maritime boycotts and precautionary measures. Matti has represented clients before the general and special courts, arbitratal tribunals, […]

Gahmberg-Hisinger Nora

Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger specialises in maritime and transport law, international commercial law, insurance law and dispute resolution. Nora assists domestic and international insurance companies, shipping companies, forwarding and transportation companies, transportation clients, maritime industry and technology companies as well as government institutions and authorities. Nora is a board member of the Finnish Maritime Law Association (CMI […]