Valitse aihepiiri

Jussila Harri

Harri Jussila is specialized in insolvency and dispute resolution. Harri has a wide experience of representing corporate clients before courts and arbitral tribunals. He also acts as arbitrator in commercial disputes. Harri has a long-term special interest in the practices corporations follow while managing conflicts.

Kinnunen Henna

Henna is a well-experienced employment law specialist. She has worked with employment law assignments for almost 12 years as an attorney. In addition, she has lead the employment law team in one of Finland’s biggest employer companies. Henna’s expertise covers the full spectrum of employment law matters from drafting employment contracts to terminating employments. She […]

Wainio Marko

Marko Wainio specialises in dispute resolution. He acts as an attorney in court and arbitration proceedings. Marko has years of diverse experience in complex and challenging commercial disputes. He is also one of the most sought-after arbitrators in Finland.

Villanen Jasmin

Jasmin Villanen specialises in insolvency law and dispute resolution. Jasmin’s areas of special expertise also include questions related to intellectual property rights.

Viljanen Jesse

Jesse Viljanen specialises in environmental and property law. Jesse’s special areas of expertise include environmental permitting and planning as well as related administrative processes. In addition, Jesse advises clients in matters related to dispute resolution and public procurement.

Vasala Visaperttu

Visaperttu Vasala specialises in dispute resolution in court and arbitration proceedings. Visaperttu’s areas of expertise also include legal questions related to labour law.

Uoti Sami

Sami Uoti specialises in insolvency law and dispute resolution. He has long and diverse experience in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. He has litigated before state courts and other tribunals throughout his career and has represented clients in several complex criminal and civil proceedings. Sami is also an experienced arbitrator. Sami has acted as the Chair […]

Takalahti Anni

Anni specialises in questions related to domestic and European pharmaceutical law. Amongst other topics, she assists clients in assignments related to pharmaceutical legislation and the self-regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. Anni completed her Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Kent in the UK in 2014. She also studied EU pharmaceutical law at the […]

Siivola Jyrki

Jyrki Siivola specialises in dispute resolution, intellectual property rights and marketing law. Jyrki is also experienced in matters related to contract law and employment law, including occupational accidents and corporate law, as well as significant related litigation.